The 13th Wolf Guards is a gaming guild with its roots in the Battletech universe, specifically the Mechwarrior PC gaming titles. A player nick-named Surefoot started the guild which became an elite force within the Mechwarrior/Battletech universe. When real-life took it’s toll on his ability to run things, he passed the mantle on to the brother-duo Ruckis and XFracture, who will forever lead the 13th Wolf Guards as a whole, even though some game universes will have other leaders.

Around 2006, the 13th began expanding out from a dying Mechwarrior gaming franchise. We explored many games, but eventually took up roots in Astro Empires, a browser-based space empire-building game. This move was seen as a temporary diversion as we awaited a revival of the Mechwarrior franchise. After a start within an established guild, XFracture pushed the button to create the 13th Wolf Guards as a self-sufficient entity within Astro Empires, with Ruckis at the helm as GM, and XFracture as VGM.

Some time later, XFracture would leave for other games, bringing the 13th to the Call of Duty Xbox360 world, and other Mechwarrior related titles, like EA’s Battletech3025. Ruckis left Astro Empires at a later date, leaving the Astro Empires arm of the 13th under the capable hands of Halo, who has done an outstanding job of leading the 13th on Astro Empire’s first server, known as Alpha. XFracture returned to the 13th in Astro Empires’ Alpha server, content to enjoy not being in command. XFracture also began playing on the Nova server with some old 13th friends, and is now in command of 13th on the Omega server.

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